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Have you noticed strange spots or foul smells on your property? Have you been experiencing health issues like allergies, respiratory difficulties, or other toxic reactions for a long time? If yes, chances are your home or office has mold. As mold grows, it forms mold spores that are very small and can easily float in the air, polluting the indoor air quality of the entire building, thereby, not only damaging the property and affecting its resale value, but also causing severe health conditions for its occupants.

In these situations, professional mold testing services become an immediate need. If you suspect mold presence in your home or office and are not sure whom to call for mold inspection, Tulip Carpet Cleaning Elkridge, one of the leading and most trusted professional mold testing service providers in Elkridge, is your ultimate mold testing partner. We assess your home or business for mold presence or potential growth, and we offer unbiased and accurate mold testing service as a part of your long-term strategy to recover from mold growth in your property.

How Is Professional Mold Testing Performed?

We specialize in mold testing and our focus is to ensure 100% accuracy and quality in performing testing within your property. Our mold testing service determines quantitatively the presence of indoor mold growth and the types of mold present. Only through scientific measurement can mold be verified officially for any legal requirements you may have.

This is done by taking ambient airborne mold spore samples across all potentially affected spaces, wall cavity air samples, and surface samples. The samples are then sent to a trusted and accredited lab for analysis and to confirm the mold presence, if there is any. With us, you do not need to spend lots of money and hours visiting the lab and submitting the samples. We do it all for you; above all, we ensure you get the most accurate result in a shorter period.

Our Mold Detection Services

Our comprehensive and premium quality mold detection service also includes black mold testing through air quality tests and inspection. We specialize in identifying all possible sources and instances of moisture intrusion to find where mold is growing. The samples' analysis, findings, conclusions, recommendations, and color photographs are compiled into a complete, written report for your easy understanding and reference.

We use the latest moisture detection instruments, digital hygrometers, humidity meters, infrared imaging, and other advanced technologies, as well as employing the industry's best practices for collecting airborne mold spore samples.

The mold testing services we offer include:

  • samples collected from air and surfaces
  • visual mold inspection
  • moisture detection (water leaks, moisture, damp areas, etc.)
  • black mold detection

The Cost of Mold Testing

When it comes to mold testing cost, it differs from case to case. Usually, the mold-testing cost depends on the number of samples, the need for indoor and outdoor air tests on mold, the need for mold remediation protocol, and so on. From a different viewpoint, mold testing is a long-term cost-saving opportunity as in case of mold presence; it facilitates timely mold removal to avoid further mold growth and significant damage in the future.

Save Money with Early Detection of Mold

If the report shows that there is mold, our expert mold inspection team also offers you a systematic protocol for mold removal, and you can be confident as you move forward for mold remediation that you know what the problem is and how to solve it. If the test results indicate that there is not a problem, you have the peace of mind that there is nothing that needs to be done.

With our specialized and professional mold testing services, you can detect mold in your property and take remedial actions on time, which in turn, also saves significant renovation costs that are only possible with early mold detection. Call us now to get an estimate.

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